Upcoming speaking engagements

I’ve been lucky enough to get invited along to participate in two speaking engagements on the next week or so. While they are very different kinds of speaking engagements, the common element is that I was asked to participate because of the way I use Twitter. For the first I was approached by the good people at the CAVAL Reference Group who had seen some of my work relating to productivity hacks, while in the second, my use of Twitter in the classroom meant that I was selected for a research project which subsequently has seem me interviewed and selected for the upcoming panel session.

The details for each are:

On November 26th I’m giving the closing keynote at the CAVAL reference group’s Information Literacy Seminar titled: Information Literacy and Beyond: To boldly go where no librarian has gone before. [http://www.caval.edu.au/info-literacy-seminar.html]. It looks like a fascinating agenda covering everything from learning design, to remote research classes, to alt-metrics. I’ll be speaking about my Adventures In Extreme Productivity series and (hopefully) wrapping the day up on a positive note. I intend to break down he process of hacking the time we have to get the kinds of results we want.

On December 1st, I’m a panel member as part of the @RMIT research project looking into the practices of teachers who have gone beyond just using BlackBoard in their classes. The session will be MC’d by Tania Lacy (@tanialacy) and it should be  some good fun. If you’d like to come along, you can see the details here: [http://whatonearth14.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/going-beyond-celebrating-the-possibilities/] and register here. It’s being held in RMIT Building 80, 12:30-1:30pm on December 1st.(ignore where on the registration page that says Wednesday 19th November).

If you can make it to either/both I’d love to see you. Come up and say hi (or just heckle me over Twitter).