What I’m reading and thinking about right now.

This page is a collection of scribbles on what I am reading and thinking about right now.

How this page works:

For each article, book, podcast, website, newspaper clipping, seminar etc. that I consume, I’ll add my notes about it here in a separate project. Each project will have (where appropriate) a link to the original source so you can access it for yourself if you want.

Quotes vs Notes:

My PDF reference manager of choice is Papers for Mac. They have a version for other platforms as well. I take all my notes in this piece of software and then pull the important ones out and post them in each of these projects.

Where I think the article has important sections, I’ll indicate roughly where I think they begin by using a large H2 tag.

(A section heading looks something like this)

Where I’ve quote something directly, it will have the following format:

Page number: quote.

Where I’ve commented about a quote, or a group of quotes, I’ll just use plain text (like this).

If you like what you see, please feel free to cite this work appropriately; I like the Harvard Style. You can also let me know that you found it worthwhile by sending me a tweet. You can find me on twitter here: @jasondowns.

To view details (title etc) of individual projects, hover on the icon(s) below. Click to be taken to the notes and quotes for each project.