Gobi Quick Release Clamps Installed

This weekend I finally got around to installing the Gobi Quick Release Clamps to my Gobi roof rack. This will make the job of lifting the roof rack and lowering the soft top down MUCH faster and easier. Before these little babies went in, I had to carry around a range of spanners to help partially uninstall the rack to lower the sodttop. Of course, that neant I hardly ever did it.

Now, I can Release to roofrack so it can tilt back out of the way, drop the soft top and reinstate to roofrack all in under 7 minutes. I expect to get faster the more times I do it.

Although we are heading into winter, there’s still going to be the odd day where the weather is nice. Now there’s no excuse for me not to be driving around topless.


#JeepLife #BuiltNotBought