3 minute research

Next week I’m presenting in the RMIT College of Business 3 minute research showcase. The theme is ‘Research Goes Global’ and I’m pleased to be able to present some of my work to my colleagues (and anyone else interested in coming along). Below is my title and abstract.

Strategic Thinking: How Can Mapping Help?

We (think we) know what strategic thinking is  but how does one *do* it? Often strategy research focuses on the outputs of strategic thinking – the plans,  the documents  the “strategy” but less often we see research that tries to explain how strategic thinking can be undertaken in the first place. Using a strategy as practice lens and drawing on the practice dimensions of mapping of maps. I propose a framework that can help guide practitioners through the process of strategic thinking. The mediating element of ‘scale’ in the middle of the framework helps promote the reflexive practice of managers connecting their micro-activities of strategy making with the meso and macro environments of organisational and institutional strategy no matter what their global context.


If you are not doing anything next Wednesday, why not come along and say hi?