Archive: February 23, 2015

Universities as Living ‘Laboratories’

Between March 11th and 13th I’ll be at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, Australia presenting our research on living laboratories. This is part of the Universities Australia Higher Education Conference. This research looks at what it takes for Universities to operate in partnership with industry and develop ‘living laboratories’ where students, academics and  industry can come together to solve complex problems. We’ve managed to do it in my strategic management course which has over 300 students per semester – getting it to work at that scale is tough. My presentation will explain what to do and what to avoid.

I’ve only been to Canberra once before and I really like the place. I can see why @thesiswhisperer moved there to work at ANU.

While I’m there I’m going to take the opportunity to further explore the maps collection at the National Library of Australia and continue on with my other stream of research – mapping. I’m interested in the activity of mapping as being a representative discourse. Specifically, I’m interested in how mapping and the practice of strategy can intersect.

If you are in Canberra at that time, come along to the Poster Hall and say hi. If you are interested in maps, maybe we can go and check out the @nlagovau collection together and nerd out (just a little bit). I’d love to hear about your research and I’ll even buy you a coffee – especially if you know where to find the best coffee in Canberra.

Upcoming Speaking Engagement – Using Video in Teaching

I’m please to announce that I’m helping facilitate a workshop for academics who wish to use video and podcasts in their teaching. The workshop is described as:

This practical workshop will introduce academic and teaching staff to the use of short films and podcasts to engage learners and support learning and teaching. It will explore how to develop an idea into a film or podcast, record it simply using a smartphone, and use it effectively in face-to-face, blended and online modes of delivery.

I’ve been using video in my teaching more and more in the past couple of years and I’m slowly figuring out how to produce (relatively) high quality video for very little cost. I’m by no means a Hollywood director, but I manage to do some passable stuff.

There is very little ‘semi-professional’ grade video out there available for people to use in their classrooms. Most of the videos that ARE available on YouTube are poorly shot, have terrible audio and aren’t focussed enough for students.

My ongoing project is to try and change that – at least for the students who are taking my course.  😉

The workshop details are:

June 30th, 2015:  3:00pm-4:00pm

Building 80, Level 4, Room 20.

I’m sure that if you wanted to come along I could arrange for guest access – just send me a tweet: @jasondowns